Social Responsibility

social responsibility

Social responsibility refers to the responsibility of each and every South African has, to conserve and, if possible, recycle precious, life giving water.

No matter what the financial cost we simply no longer have a choice but rather a social responsibility to make a concerted effort to conserve water .

Water leak detection plays a part in social responsibility, as one of the tools we can use to conserve water.

We urge all fellow South Africans, our government and even foreign guests to consider the dire implications of every drop of water being wasted. Water is the single most important element of the survival of all life on earth.

Together we can make a difference. Get in touch to find a solution to your water crisis today.

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Leak detection – Pretoria

leak detection pretoria

Water leak detection services for residents and

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Leak detection – Centurion

leak detection centurion

Water leak detection services for residents and

business owners in Centurion … read more


World Water Day

22 March 2016 is world water day this year with a focus on Water and Jobs.