Leak Detection Maintenance

Leak Detection Maintenance

Leak Detection Maintenance

We offer a maintenance service whereby we do yearly leak detection on pools.

We have found that most pools have leaks even though it is not noticeable that the water level is dropping in a pool. This is due to rainfall and evapouration affecting a pool’s water level.

Let us test your pool once or even twice a year to help prevent longterm damage to paving, piping and the pool lining caused by water softening the ground. Water leaking from a pool pipe can get in behind the fibreglass lining causing dampness and this will surely cause the lining to delaminate.

Fibreglass shells tend to move if the pipes are leaking and this causes the pipes to shear off at the return jets, for example.

Leak Detection Maintenance


There are areas on your property, areas in and around your home, your business and your swimming pool where water leaks are common. These areas include the following,

  • Pool Pipes – return line
  • Pool Filters
  • Pool Pumps
  • Solar Heating
  • Cracked Marbelite Surfacing
  • Household Plumbing
  • Underground Pipes
  • Pool Pipes – Suction Line
  • Pool Light Casings
  • Pool Weir
  • Pool Jets
  • Cracked Fibreglass Shells
  • Bathroom Plumbing
  • Kitchen Pipes

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Precision Leak Detection

advanced digital + electro-acoustic technology

High tech water leak detection equipment is extremely effective at finding water leaks. The use of this type of equipment eliminates the need for excessive digging and damage to property when locating invisible water leaks.

The Ex Tec Snooper Mini unit

ex tec snooper mini leak detection equipment

The water pipe system is flushed with tracer gas. The tracer gas seeps out through the ground or wall where ever there are water leaks. An Ex Tec Snooper Mini unit is then used to detect or sniff for the presence of the leaking tracer gas. This unit is superbly accurate and the perfect tool for locating a hidden water leak.

The Stethophon 04 Acoustic Unit

stethophon-04 leak detection equipment

The Stethophon 04 acoustic listening device is then used to pinpoint location of the tracer gas leaks.The escaping tracer gas creates vibrations as it exits the hole in the leaking water pipe. By tuning into the frequency of these vibrations and the use of noise cancelling earphones, the exact position of the water leak is found.