Commercial Residential Leak Detection

Commercial Residential Leak Detection

Commercial Residential Leak Detection

Residential complexes, blocks of flats, university hostels, schools, etc. all fall under this classification.

We have done leak detection on the mains water supply at numerous complexes, schools, etc. and have developed a unique method of mixing Tracer gas and compressed air in order to detect water leaks in large diameter piping.

This method is highly successful and reliable and we have found numerous leaks on both small and large diameter underground piping in these instances, on a single piping network, proving that by the time a leak is noticed there will typically have been other smaller leaks for a long time.

These small, unknown leaks can cause long term damage to driveways, buildings, foundations, etc.

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Precision Leak Detection

advanced digital + electro-acoustic technology

High tech water leak detection equipment is extremely effective at finding water leaks. The use of this type of equipment eliminates the need for excessive digging and damage to property when locating invisible water leaks.

The Ex Tec Snooper Mini unit

ex tec snooper mini leak detection equipment

The water pipe system is flushed with tracer gas. The tracer gas seeps out through the ground or wall where ever there are water leaks. An Ex Tec Snooper Mini unit is then used to detect or sniff for the presence of the leaking tracer gas. This unit is superbly accurate and the perfect tool for locating a hidden water leak.

The Stethophon 04 Acoustic Unit

stethophon-04 leak detection equipment

The Stethophon 04 acoustic listening device is then used to pinpoint location of the tracer gas leaks.The escaping tracer gas creates vibrations as it exits the hole in the leaking water pipe. By tuning into the frequency of these vibrations and the use of noise cancelling earphones, the exact position of the water leak is found.