LPG Gas Leak Detection

LPG gas is highly flammable and combustible which makes it extremely dangerous to use yet many homes around South Africa utilize LPG gas for its sheer convenience and energy-saving attributes. We have super sensitive and highly specialized equipment that can detect an LPG gas leak of the minutest degree.

Our gas detection machine is cross sensitive meaning that it can sense multiple types of gas at the same time and it registers the type of gas being sensed so that we can very easily determine which type of gas is present in the air in different types of circumstances.

It is advisable to have one’s gas lines tested at the connections at least twice per year (every 6 months) to ensure that there is no danger to yourselves, your family and any visitors or staff accessing your home or yard.

Give us a call today for speedy, professional service and we will put your mind at ease knowing that your LPG gas line is not a potential bomb waiting to go off.

This service is relatively inexpensive at R 900,00 per test for above ground systems and between R 1 800,00 and R 3000,00 for below ground systems.

Call today and we’ll make you feel at ease.

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