Pool Leak Repair

Pool Water Leak Repair

Any & All Pool Water Leaks Repaired

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At Fornez Leak Detection, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that comes with a leaking swimming pool.

Not only does it disrupt your enjoyment, but it can also lead to significant water loss and potentially costly damage to your property.

That’s why we’re here to provide expert swimming pool water leak repair services that you can rely on.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Leak Detection: Our experienced technicians utilize advanced techniques and equipment to accurately detect leaks in your swimming pool, whether they’re in the structure, plumbing, or equipment.

Professional Repair Solutions: Once the source of the leak is identified, we provide efficient and effective repair solutions tailored to your specific needs. From minor repairs to major fixes, we’ve got you covered.

Underwater Leak Repair: With our specialized underwater repair techniques, there’s no need to drain your pool. We can fix leaks beneath the surface, minimizing disruption and saving you time and hassle.

Preventive Maintenance Programs: Stay ahead of potential leaks with our preventive maintenance programs. Our regular inspections and maintenance services help identify and address issues before they escalate, saving you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Our Process

Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, our team of technicians has the knowledge and expertise to handle any swimming pool leak repair job, big or small.

Reliability: You can count on us to get the job done right the first time. We take pride in our workmanship and strive to deliver lasting solutions that exceed your expectations.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. From your initial inquiry to the completion of the repair, we ensure clear communication, professionalism, and a positive experience every step of the way.

Quality Assurance: We use high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques to ensure durable and long-lasting repairs. With us, you can trust that your swimming pool is in good hands.

Don’t let a leaking pool ruin your summer fun. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our swimming pool leak repair experts. We’ll have your pool back in pristine condition in no time, so you can enjoy it to the fullest once again.

Pool Water Leak Repair

Pool Water Leak Repair

Pool Water Leak Repair

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Why Choose Us


Knowledge and experience gained from 15+ years in the industry.


The latest in hi-tech digital & acoustic leak detection equipment.


Top quality service, reliable results, exceeded expectations

We Use Precision Leak Detection Equipment

advanced digital + electro-acoustic technology

High tech water leak detection equipment is extremely effective at finding water leaks. The use of this type of equipment eliminates the need for excessive digging and damage to property when locating invisible water leaks.

The Ex Tec Snooper Mini unit

ex tec snooper mini leak detection equipment

The water pipe system is flushed with tracer gas. The tracer gas seeps out through the ground or wall where ever there are water leaks. An Ex Tec Snooper Mini unit is then used to detect or sniff for the presence of the leaking tracer gas. This unit is superbly accurate and the perfect tool for locating a hidden water leak.

The Stethophon 04 Acoustic Unit

stethophon-04 leak detection equipment

The Stethophon 04 acoustic listening device is then used to pinpoint location of the tracer gas leaks.The escaping tracer gas creates vibrations as it exits the hole in the leaking water pipe. By tuning into the frequency of these vibrations and the use of noise cancelling earphones, the exact position of the water leak is found.

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