Swimming pool leak repairs

As the previous founder and owner of Rhino Pools in Pretoria, Ryan broke away to specialize in pool leak detection and repairs. 98% of all leak detection companies only do leak detection (not repairs) in which case a different contractor needs to quote to repair the leaks. This invariably ends up costing the client more money. At Fornez Leak Detection we offer a full service whereby we handle all aspects of pool leaks from start to finish. We have 22 years of experience with swimming pools and we do professional leak repairs on all types of pools.

This leak was found using tracer gas and absolutely no digging was done in order to locate the leak. The digging was done after the leaks were located using tracer gas and our highly specialized leak detection equipment.

If a pool company tells you that they can find a leak by running an aboveground pipe as in the picture above, rather call us as this is definitely not how one finds leaks! The kinds of companies that lay aboveground pipes will only tell you to replace the pipe. This is not always necessary. As a rule, if we find 2 or more individual leaks on a pipe we will suggest to the client that the pipe be replaced but often it is the actual aimflow jets (the points in the wall where the water flows back into the pool) that are leaking. If this is the case, replacing the pipes will not help and only have wasted a lot of money since the jets will still need to be replaced.

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